Chalky / White



Chalky / White
Chalky / White
Español: Calcáreo
Français: Fève blanche
Chalky / White beans are a Secondary (Category 2) defect: 5 beans = 1 full defect
Chalky white beans are pale in color with dark greenish or grayish silver skin. Often, chalky beans are large but with low density.
Cup:Woody, cardboard, straw-like or cereal flavors and astringency
Consideration:Affects the appearance of green coffee and tends to char when roasted with normal beans
Cause(s):AGRICULTURAL: It is theorized that chalky beans are the result of overproduction, water stress, poor nutrition and/or high temperatures during drying.
PROCESSING: The presence of chalky whites indicates also poor drying and milling procedures.
Remedies:AGRICULTURAL: Genetic selection, proper fertilization, pruning, renovation/replanting and soil management practices reduce the occurrence of chalky white deformities.
PROCESSING: Gravity tables may be used to separate chalky white beans at a dry mill.