Hull / Husk

Wet Process

Dry Process Husk

Español: Cascarilla de pergamino o pulpa seca
Français: Peau, coque ou parche

Husks are a Secondary (Category 2) defect: 5 husks = 1 full defect
Husks are fragments parchment or dried cherry skins, sometimes containing remnants of fungi and soil
Cup: Husks may cause dirty, earthy, moldy, ferment or phenolic tastes
Consideration: Affects the appearance of green coffee and tends to char when roasted
Cause(s): PROCESSING: Improper cleaning of dried natural coffee or incorrect calibration of pulping machinery.
Remedies: PROCESSING: Skim dry cherries and pulp skins in flotation and fermentation tanks. Use green bean separators, blowers and catadoras.