Español: Pergamino
Français: Fève en parche
Parchment beans are a Secondary (Category 2) defect: 5 beans = 1 full defect
Parchment beans are partially or fully enclosed in a thick papery cellulose husk that is ivory-white or yellowish in color.
Cup:Parchment may burn if roasted causing smoky and bitter flavor and also possibly contain an immature or other defective bean.
Consideration:Affects the appearance of green coffee and tends to char when roasted with normal beans; indicative of poor grading
Cause(s):AGRICULTURAL: Non-hulled parchment beans may conceal an immature or deformed bean (triangle, peaberry), strongly attached to the parchment.
PROCESSING: This defect is indicative of incorrect calibration of the hulling machine and poor screen / density sorting.
Remedies:AGRICULTURAL: Selection of varieties with defect count of less than 7% in addition to proper fertilization, pruning, replanting and soil management practices may reduce the number of parchment beans.
PROCESSING: Properly calibrated dry hulling equipment will remove parchment from beans. Density sorters may be used to separate improperly hulled beans.