AgtronMaker of spectrophotometer analysis devices used to evaluate and quantify the color of roasted coffee
ArabicaCoffea arabica; the primary species of coffee commercially cultivated for consumption, accounting for approximately 60% of worldwide production.
ArabustaHybrid of Arabica and Robusta coffee
CBBHypothenemus hampei; a coffee pest known as the Coffee Borer Beetle or Broca del Café
CBDCoffee Berry Disease; a pathogen affecting coffee caused by Colletotrichum coffeanum
Conilon A Brazilian synonym for Robusta coffee
CQICoffee Quality Institute; an independent nonprofit cooperation originally established by the Specialty Coffee Association of America that provides specialized technical and training services that improve the quality of coffee and ensuing quality of life for coffee producers.
Die backA condition in a plant in which the branches or shoots die from the tip inward, caused by any of several bacteria, fungi, or viruses or by certain environmental conditions
Equivalent DefectThe number of imperfections that when combined are recorded as one Full Defect
Fine RobustaRobusta coffee that is free of primary defects and exhibits unique and desirable characteristics unique to a microclimate of origin
Full DefectA full defect is composed of one or more individual defective beans, corresponding to the impact each type of defect has on the cup character
ICOInternational Coffee Organization; established by the United Nations in 1963, the ICO is a intergovernmental body of coffee producing and consuming nations established to administer the International Coffee Agreement (ICA), an instrument for development cooperation.
PeaberryA coffee cherry in which one single coffee seed (bean) develops rather than two
Ochratoxin A (OTA)A food toxin and possible carcinogen associated with contaminated grain and pork, as well as coffee and grapes.
Primary DefectCategory 1 full imperfections that impact the cup character of coffee
QuakerAn unripe bean that appears pale when roasted with a cereal or bitter flavor
RobustaCoffea canephora – the secondary species of coffee commercially cultivated for consumption.
SCAASpecialty Coffee Association of America; world’s largest coffee trade association with over 3,000 company members
Secondary DefectCategory 2 full imperfections that impact the appearance of coffee but not necessarily cup character
UCDAUganda Coffee Development Authority; a public authority established in 1991 by an act of Parliament, UCDA conducts research, promotes farming, sets and oversees quality standards and markets Ugandan coffee abroad to maximize value and income for the country’s farmers